Video Marketing Tips from Jason Isbell and The Ryman

If you weren't able to make it to his concert in Nashville, Jason Isbell and The Ryman Auditorium, wanted to make sure you still got a front row experience.  Isbell and The Ryman used video marketing to engage fans during a recent concert stint where the Americana star sold out four nights at The Ryman, a record for the venue. To extend the reach beyond the show, The Ryman asked its Twitter followers to ask the singer questions on Twitter, using the hashtag #askjason.

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Isbell answered some of the questions via video, which was then posted the next day on The Ryman’s Twitter account. Isbell's answers gave people a personal insight into the artist and strengthened The Ryman’s brand as a fun, musician-centered venue. See the video below.

How Can You Use Video Marketing?

You can use video marketing to engage your fans in the same way Isbell did. We’re sure that your customers have questions about your company and its work. Pose a question on social media under a specific hashtag similar to the #askjason example. What does your company do that’s interesting, whether it’s how you get business done or your company's culture? Highlight someone who works at your business. If it’s possible, have fun and show your company's personality. I love it when I see off-the-wall hashtags. Why not ask the company's mascot, or owner's dog a question, then tie it back to the message of your business?

Create a Process for Content Creation        

You need to have a process in place so that you, or your production company, can post pieces quickly. For this project, Gamma Blast Studios interviewed the singer before his performance–asking 11 questions, which resulted in a lot of video content for the Ryman. Using graphics that had been built beforehand, Gamma’s Chad Denning dropped in and edited the video responses and turned it overnight so the pieces could hit Twitter the next day. When a fan asks a question, he wants a timely answer.

There are many creative, easy and cost-effective ways to engage your audience. Just think about your customer as a fan at a concert, and give her a front row seat with a back-stage pass.

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Liz Denning is Owner and Strategist for Gamma Blast Studios,, a video content creation company in Nashville, TN. You can find Liz on Twitter @gammaliz and Gamma Blast Studios on Facebook at