An Easy Way to Build a Website and Lose Weight

Two Free Digital Tools That Allowed Me to Build a Better Website and Lose Weight

 By Liz Denning

By Liz Denning

I must share these two digital tools that have changed my life for the better. One application has helped me launch this new website for Gamma Blast, the other has actually gotten me to consistently be more active and eat better.

1. A few months ago, Gamma Blast was knee-deep in a website re-development project. Our developer and I were communicating changes to the site using Excel spreadsheets. The process was tedious and something I kept at the bottom of my to-do-list, even though I wanted to help create a new web presence. This wonderful developer, Timothy Nobles, then suggested we use the project management tool – Trello ( The program is based on breaking up your project into tasks that live on cards, which are sorted into the steps you need to complete the process.

So for example, the steps in our project were:

  • ·      In Queue
  •        In Development
  • ·      Ready for QA
  • ·      Requires Feedback
  • ·      Liz Approved
  • ·      Completed

You can see a sample Trello board here.

As each task is worked through, you use your cursor to drag the card to the proper spot up in the progress. After Timothy set up the project in Trello, I know it sounds silly, but I couldn’t wait to move a card up the chain of development. Couldn’t wait. Our new Gamma Blast website that launched today (See more at would have taken much longer without Trello’s and Timothy’s help.

2.   The second tool -- It’s not like I have a bunch of weight to lose, or that I can’t make it up a flight of stairs, but since I sit in front of a computer all day and don’t make time to exercise, it’s not a recipe for keeping weight off. The problem is our pool is opening the third week in May. Thank goodness I found the free MyFitnessPal app. With it, you’re able to track your daily food and exercise progress against a goal weight. It tells you how many calories you have left during the day so that you make the right decision when you want to reach for that bit of chocolate, or second glass of wine, which I do often. You can see from this screen shot that this day I had Skittles and Starbursts. A winner move.

MyFitnessPal screenshot.png

Anyway, I’ve only been using it for about three weeks and have found I’m more apt to get in my 10,000 steps than sit and watch another episode of House of Cards. Actually, I try to do them both at the same time. Hope these tools help you. MyFitnessPal app, Trello –, Timothy Nobles –

What your your best digital tools?

Liz Denning is the Co-Owner and Marketing Director for Gamma Blast Media, a video content creation company in Nashville. @gammaliz,,