5 Video Production Must-Dos to Make Editing Easier

There’s a reason that the phrase–“We’ll fix it in post,” exists. People who say this don’t have a buttoned-up process for their video production project so they rely on an editor to shine the footage and gloss over any mistakes. My husband, and business partner, who’s an Emmy-awarding winning Director/Editor, has many stories of boxes of tapes arriving on his door with nothing more than a note saying, “Here’s what we got. Make it great.” He has rescued projects many times, but it's not really fair to ask someone to take over the ship without a map.

Now, the quicker turnaround required for video production means you must use an established process, beginning in pre-production, to create smart, creative video quickly.

So, as a marketing executive purchasing video production services, what do you need to know before you arrive on set? Here are the five tips you and the video production team should implement before you create a project, which will allow you to toast your project rather than reach for the Tylenol bottle. Get the tips.