“Beneath the Ice” Extras — Filip Forsberg Shoot

If these guys weren’t in the NHL, they could be on any college campus right now. Forsberg is 20 years old with Jarnkrok, 23 and Ekholm, 24 not much older. So when we asked if Forsberg went out to clubs after games, he reminded us that he’s NOT OLD ENOUGH.

Since they’re all from Sweden, the other players on the team call them, wait for it—The Swedes. When they’re together they speak a mixture of Swedish, English and Swed-glish. Even though they were exceptionally polite to our camera crew, they’re so used to speaking in Swedish between themselves that they forget they’re doing it. They started speaking in English again when we joked that we’d put crazy stuff in their subtitles.

Between the three of them, only one has a car. So the other two hitch rides as any young 20-year-olds would do. In their car, the Siri speaks, of course, Swedish!

All three were quite amazing guys as they navigate a high-pressure job, a new country and speaking more than one language. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do. Here’s that episode of “Beneath the Ice”.