Quick Tips about Online Video Advertising


It happens. I’ll do a search or click on an online video and then I’ll get annoyed with the ad that may appear. What I forget sometimes is the world of online video advertising is becoming less disruptive and as a result making itself more attractive to viewers and advertisers. How online advertising is purchased and watched is information all marketers, including content creators, need to know.

How advertisers pay for online video advertising reflects that channels want viewers to opt-in rather than be shouted at. For some of YouTube’s buying programs, an advertiser doesn’t pay unless a viewer watches 30 seconds of the brand’s ad, or the entire piece, if it’s under 30 seconds. A good tip for content creators comes from Julie Perry, a Digital Media Marketing consultant for ReelSEO. She recommends that creators frontload the video ad with the information the viewer needs to know. If all the worthwhile information is in the first 27 seconds, and the brand pays when viewers watch 30 seconds, the brand gets extra exposure for which they don’t have to pay.

Certain features are also making channels such as YouTube more viewer friendly. YouTube’s TrueView program has four different ways people can watch advertising. Recently, I’ve seen more ads without sound that include the “Click for Audio” button – a welcome change.

What’s great about all of this?  Video channels are thinking about the viewers’ interests, basing the models on the viewer opting in to get the info or entertainment that they want.