Justify Video Spending

Continued ... What’s even cooler is most of the major platforms provide the ability to create unique lists based on specific criteria for people who have previously visited an owned property. This gives you the ability to craft unique campaigns for specific segments of your re-marketing prospects that are coordinated with the overall marketing and conversion requirements.     

Expand reach through Look-a-Like or Prospect marketing

For a bit larger investment with larger potential return, look-a-like marketing will use your video content to expand your brand’s reach. Using algorithms to find others online who have established interest in similar offerings to yours, these campaigns compare data from a current site’s visitors and their behavior during general internet browsing, and compare it to data collected from other “beacons” that are distributed across the internet. As it finds people (session histories) who look strikingly similar to a site’s current customers, your branded ads are served up. Facebook is particularly effective at this.  As users choose to engage more and more, they can be moved to the re-marketing list.

You may also want to read our first post on how to show ROI for video. Whatever results tracking system you use to support your use of video content, you’ll be implementing analytics that will show results for your fun, entertaining work.

Liz Denning is the Co-Owner and Marketing Geek for Gamma Blast Media, a video content creation company in Nashville. @gammaliz, https://www.facebook.com/liz.denning, google.com/+LizDenning